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Scarab Impluse 165


the possibilities…

The Scarab Impluse 165 Jet Boat outperforms every other boat in its class, because there are no other boats in its class! Available for a shockingly affordable price, this boat comes equipped with premium upholstery, swim platform seating and a multitude of safety features that come with jet powered boating.  you can be on the water today aboard the all-new Scarab Impluse 165 Jet Boat.



Speed Marine is Scarab jet boats a premier retailer because of extensive dealer locations and an outstanding parts and service department.  Speed Marine is proud to add Scarab jet boats to the long list of premium offerings.


Can Am Spyder F3

Spyder F3 Sport Cruising Models | Can-Am Spyder The starting

point for adventure with its cruising riding position and spirited performance at new attractive price.

A low center of gravity and performance-calibrated Vehicle Stability System to provide dynamic handling and great cornering, while ensuring unprecedented control.

BRP has just announced part of its 2017 Can-Am Spyder lineup, with more to follow in August. The most exciting news is a new Sport Mode for the Can-Am Spyder F3-S, which allows the rider to perform controlled rear-wheel drifts while maintaining vehicle stability. When Sport Mode is activated, the Traction Control System (TCS) is turned off but the Stability Control System (SCS) remains engaged. Previously Spyders allowed slow-speed, straight-line rolling burnouts even with TCS in its always-on mode, but now riders will be able to unleash more of the sporting potential of the liquid-cooled, 1,330cc Rotax ACE (Advanced Combustion Efficiency) in-line triple, which makes a claimed 115 horsepower and 96 lb-ft of torque.

All other features of the Spyder F3-S return, including a 6-speed manual (SM6) transmission or optional 6-speed semi-automatic transmission (SE6), reverse, belt final drive, Eco mode, cruise control, dynamic power steering, UFit custom ergonomic system (adjustable footpeg and handlebar positions), Vehicle Stability System (with ABS, TCS and SCS), gas-charged Fox Podium front shocks and an anti-theft system.


  • Rotax 1330 ACE In-Line 3-Cylinder Engine
  • Semi-Automatic or Manual 6-Speed Transmission
  • VSS: Stability Control, Traction Control and Anti-Lock Brakes
  • Custom riding position with UFit System
  • High-Performance Brembo Braking System
  • SACHS Big-Bore shocks

An affordable PWC that focuses on freestyle fun


What’s missing from today’s personal watercraft market? Arguably a little bit of old-school fun factor. Sure today’s models carve on the proverbial dime and reach dizzying top speeds, but in the process they’ve lost a little bit of that freewheeling playfulness. Riders used to have fun spinning the craft out into a 180 or power sliding them through a corner. Now, those types of maneuvers are mostly a memory as hulls hook with tenacity and favor precision over playtime.

Playfulness, however, is coming back into vogue. Sea-Doo likely started the trend with the GTI, and more recently, the SPARK. But no model has taken playtime to the extreme like the 2017 SPARK TRIXX.

The Sea-Doo SPARK is the most affordable watercraft on the market and makes your family’s dream of great days on the water possible right now. It is playful, easy-to-ride and easy to tow with a small car.



Whether you like to cruise in pairs or hit the water in threes, the Sea-Doo SPARK is available in 2up or 3up configuration.

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